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Sapphire for Nuke

with over 250 effects

Sapphire increases your productivity and quality output, without compromising consistency or the
caliber of a look. Discover the superior image processing, control, render speed, and unlimited
options compared to other plugins.

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Advanced parameters allow for a high degree of design control
Create unique natural and organic lighting using rays, glare, glint, and glow effects
Create natural-looking depth of field lens blurs using RackDefocus, Convolve, ZDefocus, and ZConvolve
Nearly 20 different lens flare types with numerous detailed controls
Sapphire has the distinction of having been a key component of Oscar-nominated films for the past 16 consecutive years

Tech Specs

GPU Acceleration - Most effects are Nvidia CUDA GPU-accelerated to provide performance enhancements.
For maximum performance the latest Nvidia graphics cards are required.

64-Bit Enabled - Expanded memory capabilities

Floating Point Processing - All effects use full floating point processing for improved image quality and full 32 bit HDR support

Multiprocessor Support